The Challenges and Market Trends of the Ceramic Tiles Industry.


No-one is immune to the temptation to make ceramics. It’s not a hard hobby to take up, but there are myriad challenges to mastering it.

5-STAR CERAMICS SDN BHD was incorporated on 22 Jan 2009 and is located in KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia. It operates in the Dealing In Assorted Tiles And Contractors Fortiling sector.


The ceramic tiles market is a highly competitive sector. The key players are constantly seeking to gain a competitive advantage by expansions, acquisitions, and new product launches. This is to keep up with the fast-changing market trends and customer needs.

The growth of the market is driven by various factors, including rapid industrialization, favorable government policies in emerging countries, increasing disposable incomes, and increased focus on interior decoration. This has led to the growth of the construction industry, resulting in high demand for floor-covering products.

The global ceramic tile market is divided into different segments based on type, application, end-use sector, finish, and construction type. The residential segment holds a significant share of the market, owing to the rise in new housing constructions and renovation projects. Moreover, the increasing disposable incomes of people are fueling the demand for ceramic tiles in the residential sector. The market also has a growing demand for ceramic tiles in the commercial sector, such as healthcare centers, sports institutes, and office buildings.


5-STAR CERAMICS SDN BHD offers a wide range of mosaic ranging from classic feel to contemporary in both quality local and imported manufacturers. It is catered to the retail and project market. The company is built on professional service n reliable product quality that has been proven since its inception on 22nd January 2009.

5-Star Ceramics Sdn Bhd is a private enterprise that is based in Kuala Lumpur. The company operates in the Hardware, and Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers industry.

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Natural Marble & Granite

Granite and marble are both natural stone materials that can add a touch of elegance to your home. Both are available in a variety of colors and textures that can complement your design. However, there are some important differences between the two materials that should be considered when selecting the best material for your countertops.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms from limestone under intense heat and pressure over a long period of time. Its color variations come from other minerals that are incorporated into the stone during this process. If the marble is free of these minerals, it will be white in color.

Marble is softer than granite and can be scratched or etched by sharp objects. It is also not as resistant to heat as granite. Because of this, it is better suited for low-traffic areas in your home such as bathroom vanities or fireplace surrounds. Regularly cleaning sealed marble surfaces with mild soap and water will help maintain their beauty.


Founded on professional service n reliable product quality, 5-STAR CERAMICS SDN BHD started its humble journey on 22nd January 2009. The company carries wide variety of quality products both from local and imported manufacturer to suit today market demand. 5-STAR CERAMICS provides ceramic tiles, mosaic & natural marble & granite for both retail and project market.

The foreign sponsor of Star Ceramics, Khater Massaad, is facing money laundering charges in the UAE. He reportedly brought the funds to Bangladesh and invested in Star Ceramics and its holding company, Star Bangladesh Holding Ltd (SBHL). The law firm of Serajul Huq’s Associates sent the BFIU and BSEC a legal notice recently, alleging that SBHL received substantial share capital from Massaad’s proceeds.

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